Leadership is Situational, Integrity is Not.

For my monthly blog post on Tech Cocktail I talk about leadership and ethics.leadership_integrity

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Neil Kane


Prenups for Startups: How to Structure Founding Teams

I Want a Divorce

I Want a Divorce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone in my network in Chicago was contemplating starting a business and wasn’t sure how to structure his arrangement with his partners/collaborators…and protect themselves in the event things didn’t work out. This sparked a rich online discussion which became the catalyst for this month’s post on Tech Cocktail. 

In Prenups for Startups: How to Structure Founding Teams I share my experience and provide guidance based on many things I’ve seen work…and not work. 

I welcome your comments as everyone’s personal experiences may be vastly different.

Neil Kane

Stand Your Ground: Life Isn’t Fair

English: Lots of frustration spikes experienced

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My post this month on Tech Cocktail is about the frustrations that we all feel, especially entrepreneurs, when things don’t go our way and we want to lash out in frustration. This hit home for me this week with the announcement of the verdict in the George Zimmerman (Trayvon Martin) trial where it seemed that everyone, no matter their point of view, was angry at the outcome.

Agree? Disagree?

See: http://tech.co/stand-your-ground-life-isnt-fair-2013-07

Neil Kane

Winning Business Plan Competitions is Not a Business Model

In today’s guest post on Tech Cocktail I talk about my observation that many startups are spending too much time on business plan competitions and not enough time on building their business. Just last night I spoke to one company that has crushed it in the business plan competition world, having won hundreds of thousands of dollars of prize money. While that clearly gave them a huge lift, they admitted that the discipline of winning the competitions was very different than building their business.

Agree? Disagree?

See: http://tech.co/winning-business-plan-competitions-is-not-a-business-model-2013-06

Neil Kane